About CBD Oil, Does It Really work?

About CBD Oil

About CBD Oil

What is CBD Oil? Does CBD Oil really work or is it just a big scam? Does it have any side effects? I’m sure I am not the only one who has been very inquisitive about Oil. These are only some of the numerous questions I had about this product. After doing thorough research, here is my analysis and review of CBD Oil.

We are a helping community; your comment and experience can help us get an even a better picture of this product. If you have tried CBD Oil at any time before, kindly help the community and chime in with your comment.

Is CBD the craze of the year?

Time after time, new items come around, and the whole world goes agog at their appearance. Often, the initial thrill does not last long. It fades away after a short while and the feeling of excitement dies out. Over the years, we have seen several products take center stage so fast and die out just as fast. It sometimes seems like the products are fake and have only been aided by a lot of adverts and PR.

Years ago, the world was subjected to the Snake Oil craze. Like similar fads, testimonies about the efficacy of the product was everywhere. There were other crazes that people claimed to enact wonders in every aspect; mental health and also physical. What is interesting is that after some time the craze stops and in comes a new one.

But This is not Always the case!

So how could it be that people really saw results with these crazes?

CBD (Cannabidiol) has picked up global recognition for quite a while, many questions have abounded around this product. However, the product does not seem to be relinquishing its hold on the general public. On the contrary, it’s gathering more testimonies by the day. Could something be wrong or is it all a fraud?

How can we understand this phenomenon? Let’s take a multivitamin as an example. Vitamins are wonderful for the body, it could give more energy, etc. But If someone tells you that multivitamins helped him for all his pains and problems, that should raise a red flag. Using this example, there are three reasons why people might do these and adapt to the craze:

  • 1) The placebo effects

The placebo effect is a scientific term that seeks to explain the fact that even a wrong medication or no medication at all can work for you. For example, you have a headache and instead of taking Tylenol your doctor prescribes some sugar pill. The headache will very likely get better even it’s just candy. Often, it does not matter what you take. It is your disposition and belief towards what you take that matters.

About CBD Oil

This has been scientifically proven by tests taken to test the efficacy of new treatments or drugs. Two groups of subjects are usually given either the real medication or an empty sugar capsule. It has been found that some of those given empty capsules claim to have had similar results as to the ones taking the real medication.

The same principle worked with Snake Oil and many other crazes. It works to some extent by default. This is due to the placebo effect.

  • 2) It does contain certain nutrition

Most of the health crazes do contain certain nutrition, like vitamins and minerals, which boost the immune system. Although it is no wonder why it does not help major diseases, the nutrients usually do improve your immune system to some extent.

  • 3) Moreover, and most importantly, a habit change

About CBD Oil

You will never find someone who decides to buy a multivitamin just because he saw it in a storefront. It is usually a decision made to oneself about how you want to take care of yourself, When you start to take the multivitamin, you automatically sleep better and concentrate more, why is that? Your health is not just better because you take the multivitamin, it’s because you change your habits; instead of eating cake and doughnuts or breakfast, you eat whole grain bread and eggs. Your thinking shifts to like if I am paying so much money for multivitamins, I might as well do more exercise, go to bed earlier etc. In other words, vitamins bring about a change in habit.  

Is CBD like vitamins or is it just another passing craze?

Now with that said, let’s take a deep look at CBD Oil. Is it just a craze or does it have some substance to it? Is it just the placebo effect or habit change? Does CBD really help for so many things? Before we dabble into that, it would be fitting to find out what there is to find out about CBD Oil.

What is CBD?

About CBD Oil
hemp seed

CBD (Cannabidiol) is derived from a seed of the hemp plant. With certain processes, you get a strain from the seed that is called CBD. You can also derive CBD from a well-known product – marijuana.

Is CBD dangerous?

So if CBD can also be extracted from marijuana, here’s the million-dollar question. Everyone knows marijuana is dangerous! so does that mean that CBD is dangerous as well?

Marijuana has 98 strains, but the 2 main strains are CBD and THC. The dangerous part of marijuana is the THC strain which is the component that makes people hyper and addicted. CBD has always been around, it is just that there are new ways of extracting it from the hemp plant. With only 0.3% THC in its composition, CBD is safe. As such, NO study has proven that it could be dangerous. As a matter of fact, the FDA approved it for epilepsy, so it’s scientifically proven that it does help.

‘’THC Is Psycho Active And Makes High. CBD Is Not Psycho Active And Makes You Healthy‘’

                                                                                                           Dr. Asher Milgorm

Is CBD just a placebo effect?

Definitely not! it’s not a new craze at all. First off, CBD has been around for a long while. It is well-known that marijuana can help with diseases that are otherwise untreatable. As a matter of fact, certain states have legalized it to some extent. However, marijuana itself is a dangerous product!. The natural ingredients present in CBD Oil is not only made from marijuana, it is entirely healthy and has been proven by the FDA to treat illnesses that have no other conventional cure.

‘’This Is The Single Most Medical Scientific Discovery, Ever…..’’

Dr. David Allen

How exactly does CBD treat mental and physical illnesses?

About CBD Oil

Many people ask how is it possible that CBD helps for so many ailments?. People claim that CBD Oil has helped for anxiety, depression, mood swings, muscle pain, eczema, inflammation, Crohn’s disease and countless other conditions. Doesn’t that sound like a scam? The answer is NO, and I’ll explain why.

There is a difference between a medication and a natural product. Drugs that get prescribed in the hospital are medications and as such can handle only one form of ailment. In fact, the side effect of a medication can cause pain or damage to some other part of the same body. For a natural product such as CBD, that is not the case. With natural products, there can be a treatment for some inter-related problems.

Naturally, if you have not eaten for an entire day, you will most likely have a headache. The ripple effect of this is that you will most likely lose concentration. That will escalate into muscle pains and other body pains. Once you start to eat, all of those symptoms will go away and you will be fine. The question should be asked as to the relationship between muscle pains, headache, and concentration? But this is self-understood for everyone that without food you will have all these symptoms, And when you start to eat, It will disappear, This is just how our natural body works.

Let’s get a little macroscopic. Some people say that Magnesium vitamin helps with a number of symptoms and issues. They talk about it as though it were some super healing medication. Is this so or not? In every cell in a body there is a certain level of magnesium and the role of magnesium is to loosen the muscles, so when having a lack of magnesium in your body your muscle will get tight. Taking magnesium it will loosen your muscles and therefore it will relieve the different type of pains, Like Headaches, Constipation, And More.

In conclusion, when it comes to a natural product, it could help a number of totally different pains. The same is with CBD Oil it could help you with many of your aches and pains.

Benefits of CBD Oil

If you have ever listened to people talk about CBD Oil, it may sound to you like it is some wonder-working, do-it-all product. While it may have worked for people with different conditions; we have all heard people talk about the ability of CBD to replace painkillers and how it has come through for a number of other conditions.

CBD Oil reviews

A lot of people have claimed that CBD Oil has worked for them in diverse ways. From depression to muscular pain, people have claimed that CBD Oil has worked differently for them. Some people have also said that CBD Oil works for both physical and mental issues, some even claim to have no problems when they started taking CBD Oil, however, the CBD Oil has changed their health status for the better

Regardless of the wonderful testimonies, you might have heard about CBD, if you have a condition that requires you to stay on medication, you should not stop your medication abruptly. In any case, you should see your doctor before you decide to use CBD. It could be dangerous to stop taking medication without supervision, and on the other hand, if the CBD worked, would be detrimental to continue taking these meds. So don’t take CBD for any serious health issue before consulting your doctor.

On the other hand, if you have a minor condition, Its for sure worth to buy CBD Oil and try it out. Please do come back here and drop your testimony about this wonderful product and how it worked for you so we can help more people understand the Benefits of CBD Oil.

CBD Oil dosage

With vitamins, the dosage is per dose. With CBD Oil, the dosage represents the entire content of the bottle. A 500mg of vitamin means each capsule in the pill bottle has a dosage of the said amount. With the bottle of CBD Oil, the reverse is the case, the entire bottle has the concentration Read Here Full Illustration for CBD Oil Dosage.

Where should I buy CBD Oil?

A lot of people have gotten fleeced in the process of buying CBD Oil, especially in the open, online market. Many people have used Amazon and eBay in selling off low-quality CBD Oil. The mechanism of ridiculous pricing also works in their favor. The original CBD Oil is on the expensive side and a lot of people have fallen victim of quick fixes. When you are shopping for CBD Oil, you should be wary of too-good-to-be-true prices, often you are buying a fake product.

NuLeaf Naturals
About CBD Oil

Stick to the known brands and purchase CBD Oils from companies you can trust. My recommendation would be to get it from one of the Top Notch CBD Oil Sellers NuLeaf Naturals, NuLeaf uses the best form of CO2 extraction and source its products from high-quality hemp farms in Colorado.

What type of CBD Oil should I buy?

There are many types of CBD, You can get it in a capsule form like a vitamin, or like the jelly, There is cream form, and of course you can have the Oil variant too.

About CBD Oil

By nature, CBD takes a long process before dissolving in the body. As such, it is not advisable to buy a CBD product that packs too much of its constituents into the small surface area. Products like CBD capsule or jelly are not ideal.

The most preferable choice would be to buy the CBD ‘Oil’, & for optimum results to leave a few drops under your tongue before swallowing. This way digestion is easier and absorption is optimized.

CBD Oil dosage

With vitamins, the dosage is per dose. With CBD Oil, the dosage represents the entire content of the bottle. A 500mg of vitamin means each capsule in the pill bottle has a dosage of the said amount. With the bottle of CBD Oil, the reverse is the case, the entire bottle has the concentration.

It is advisable to take CBD Oil more than once a day. This is because you want the CBD in your system per time and overtime, it will dissolve and digest. By all means, do start with low dosages and then move on gradually.

Over a period, your body will stabilize and you will find out what works best for you. While there is no standardized dosage or prescription, many people find that taking fewer drops from highly concentrated CBD Oil is more effective than taking more drops from less concentrated Oil. If you have ever tried the CBD Oil, kindly comment which one was most suitable for you.

CBD Oil Side Effects

Medications have side effects, lots of them. The good thing is, as stated earlier, CBD Oil is NOT a medication, CBD Oil is a natural product, as such, it is purely natural and has no side effect. It is safe to try and totally worth it!

‘’Its Safe, Effective, There Are No Significant Adverse Effects, No Toxicity And No Drug Interactions…..‘’

                                                                                                                 Dr. Philip Blair                                            

Parting words

If you intend to live a less stressful life or you have an illness that has deferred all prescriptions, why not try out CBD Oil? You are more than welcome to share with us here how Oil has worked for you. If you have used the CBD Oil at any point in time, please share your experience with us.

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59 thoughts on “About CBD Oil, Does It Really work?”

  1. Im a mom of a 23 week micro preemie. I’m busy with appointments a lot and I’ve gotten pretty exposed to lots of medical treatments as well as natural alternatives. A while ago I got exposed to cbd oil and used it for myself and yes, it is a wonder product! All my friends are laughing that it’s all fraud and how is it possible that it works for so many things? Must be a scam etc… I shared this article with them. Yes! It could be possible and there is a reason why it helps! YOU NAILED IT.

    Btw you mentioned about multi vitamins just to say that it is important for your body to take one every day

    • Thank you Brittany, About Multi Vitamins, Yes i highly recommend to take it every day! its like oxygen for your body.

      23 week micro preemie ow my! Hope He/She is doing great.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the community here and a special Thanks for Sharing!

  2. I don’t have any personal experience with cbd oil however I have a family member that has been using it for a while and she keeps on talking about cbd oil like wonders! She claims that it has changed her life! She keeps on saying that since she started using it she’s more calm and has better concentration. she used to suffer from constipation and now she is a new person. she also told me that this is the 1st winter she didn’t have any flu or runny nose etc and she attributes it to the cbd oil. Truthfully I was skeptic and started to research it a bit. This is the 1st review that opened my eyes that it does make sense! Might change my mind and buy it.. will try to come back with my own review

  3. Wow this is the first time I got the picture so clearly about cbd oil and how it works. Thank you john! definitely going to buy it and will come back with my review on how it helped me

    • Thank You Andrew! It will for sure help you and change your life for ever! Kindly come back with a detailed review after a period of time taking the CBD Oil and help other people understand better how CBD Oil could change their life!

  4. Thanks for this simple but concise review of CBD. Personal use of marijuana has just been legalised in our country so there are lots of products going around. I have been looking for a quality product as I believe that hemp is a good natural medication. However as you say in your article there are so many people promising the world and the prices vary considerably. Will definitely be looking at the product you have recommended. Thanks for this information.

  5. It is quite astonishing the rise of CBD over the last three to four years – nobody was really talking about it that much before then, but now it seems the world has stood up and taken notice. 

    Personally I think it’s great – the oil seems to offer numerous benefits and medical science is now taking it seriously. Have you heard about CBD for sleep disorders?

  6. I personally don’t have any experience with CBD oil but I’ve heard a lot about the craze on the product.Coming from a country that puts the death penalty for drug/marijuana distributors, CBD oil is not very popular here but I recently had a friend who was looking for a distributor for her ailing granddad.I think it will still be a long time for me to actually give this product a try, since it’s almost impossible to get a hand of this product, and even if you get one, you can’t be quite sure of the quality.I heard that some CBD oil companies only put a very low amount of CBD in the bottles. And some people who had only taken a few drops of this, might not even get the advantages of this product. Maybe you can talk more about this? The concentration on the bottles as well as the optimum drops for people to consume.

    Thanks for sharing this article btw! 🙂

    • Thank You Wina,

      Yes every time when it comes to this type of hype and crazes there are many people taking advantage and selling cheap/false stuff on and you really need to watch out not to get catch in those scams and the best way is to check if the company has lab tested the CBD .

      One of the companies I know that is hundred percent legit and selling High Quality CBD Oil is NuLeaf Naturals.

      This is what they write ‘’ Our CBD oil is lab-tested as soon as it is extracted and then again by a third party lab (Steep Hill) in Berkeley, California, to ensure an accurate amount of CBD. In addition, we test for over 200 pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. We use cutting-edge testing and world-class equipment to ensure that our products are safe and healthy. Please contact us for current lab results.’’

  7. Thanks John for this review on CBD oil. I have heard a lot about CBD oil, but your review is more explicit about it. I really like the fact that it is natural and has no side effects. You did say CBD oil reduces stress but you did not mention the type of illnesses  CBD can help cure. What do you mean by high and low concentration? 

  8. I have not personally used CBD oil yet but I have heard about it from many people and that it really works wonders. I am an essential oil user also and I am actually excited that it is now added to our company line. For me though, it is important to set an awareness campaign for people to know it’s proper use since anything in moderation and proper use is always fine. I believe education is the key to its success as some people may also tend to use this beyond its medicinal purposes. 

  9. One of my buddies swears by the use of CBD oil for helping her recover from her workouts, while another says he sees no real results. Is it possible that CBD oil can have completely different effects for different people? I’m going to bookmark this and forward it over to them to see what they think. I appreciate you taking the time to put this together. Thanks!

    • Thank You Eric Cantu for chiming in here.

      The main reason why by some people it does not help is because of using low quality CBD, there are many companies out there taking advantage of CBD and selling low quality CBD, that will for sure not help you in any way! tell your friend to try CBD from trusted companies Like NuLeaf Naturals.

      A other reason might be that your friend is not consistent with taking CBD, It is important to stay consistent especially before cbd has begun to take effect, skipping too many doses could delay onset of relief, the effectiveness of cbd oil is well known and documented worldwide, it has been firmly established that 90% of cases in which cbd doesn’t effect a person, is due to inconsistent dosing.

  10. Thanks for this detailed review on CBD oil. I’ve been hearing of it everywhere and on every blog but I had no idea what to make of it but from your article I can see that it’s quite safe and good, I would research more into it before I make my buy though, you know you can’t be too safe. Thanks

  11. Very interesting.  There is no doubt that marijuana has many beneficial side effects that outweigh the negative stigma it has always had.  That is why most people never really tried using it and doctors were hesitant to prescribe it to their patients.

    Now that CBD has been developed, it takes all of the negative side effects, like feeling “high”, and leaves just the beneficial effects.  This is a great advancement and will surely help many people.

  12. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about CBD Oil.This is really a great review.Formulations of CBD oil, liposomes, and melatonin like Power Sleep CBD are already Helping ordinary people get a good night’s rest. By supplementing melatonin with CBD, the cannabinoid contributes to a deeper, more structured sleep.This product is really very helpful for us.Thanks for sharing this informative review with us.

  13. Been looking for a natural products like CBD oil that is not medication with side effects for my old mom.

    because she always complain of muscular pain and all the prescription given to her she always complain that it makes her weak

    i think CBD oil will work for her and I also like the fact that u explain the usage of product.Thanks will make an order for nuleaf natural CBD oil. Which is the original CBD oil

  14. I am a mom of 4 and CBD oil is our to go everyday. my husband and my kids love it.

    I wasn’t surprise when my elder sister took it without permission because it’s so wonderful and a great products

  15. I can’t do without this oil.

    I like it right from the day my wife bought it.
    she was like, hey, don’t joke with this oil…. lol

    • Yes its totally worth to consider! NuLeaf Naturals is the most popular company with the best CBD oil on the market now.

      Please Come back here to share your experience with the CBD Oil and how it helped change your life.
      Thank You.

  16. This product is becoming popular, i was browsing through google with ABOUT CBD and this page was featured to me.


  17. With the rave review that CBD oil is getting, I don’t think people still have doubts in their minds concerning it’s efficacy. It has been well documented how effective CBD oil is for pain and even anxiety. Without doubt, I believe the CBD oil is a very effective product, and I hope to join the revolution of CBD oil marketers too.


  18. Hello John,

    I have read your article on About CBD Oil, Does It Really work? It is quite astonishing the rise of CBD over the last three to four years – nobody was really talking about it that much before then, but now it seems the world has stood up and taken notice. I have not personally used CBD oil yet but I have heard about it from many people and that it really works wonders. 

  19. To some people, CBD oil is not a new product in the market but to some, it is still new in their ears. Since its discovery, a lot of studies has been conducted on it to prove it efficiency in treatment and preventing several ailment.

    When I read about how it could be used to treat hair related problems, I couldn’t hesitate recommending it to my clients and I’m glad that they are happy with the results. 

  20. I guess you are right that you are not the only one who has been very inquisitive about the Oil, lots of articles and reviews have been written about it that I’ve read. This made me realised how the global recognition shoots up. According to some testimonials online I think it’s really living up to its expectations, but I’m also curious about a drug tests when this oil is used, since it’s gotten from marijuana. 

    • Hi Ayodeji,

      This is from Nuleaf Naturals Website.

      ” How do you know how much CBD is in your products?

      Our CBD oil is lab-tested as soon as it is extracted and then again by a third party lab (Steep Hill) in Berkeley, California, to ensure an accurate amount of CBD. In addition, we test for over 200 pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. We use cutting-edge testing and world-class equipment to ensure that our products are safe and healthy. Please contact us for current lab test results. ”

      So you could always contact them for the current lab Results

  21. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest..I don’t have any experience with CBD oil because am new to it. But this review shows reason why I need to buy this for personal use. It’s a replacement for painkiller, and it has no side effects. Thanks for writing out this review and am I will be getting this CBD soon. Best regards 

  22. It is really good to read a review on CBD Oil. This oils has been effective and so beneficial to health. My cousin introduced the oil to me some months ago for insomnia. Miraculously it worked. Aside that it help to relieve stress and improve health. It’s also good to know that government are now legalizing the use of marijuana and even planting it. Thanks for sharing thism

  23. CBD oil is the new rave and for good reason. Its packed with a lot of benefits to people from different aisles, from people looking to find relief for their ailment to those just looking for a healthy way of life. When I came across CBD oil,my mom had been in an accident where she suffered a broken leg and even though she was being given medications and treatment, the pain was usually unbearable for her. So,I bought the Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil and it worked wonders for her. Now she still buys it for herself even though her leg has healed. 

    • Thank you Vapz,

      Im so sorry for your Mom but im heapy to hear that she is doing well! Thanks for sharing here your insights on how CBD helped your mother with her pain!

  24. HI,

    What great information.  I had little or no information on CDB Oil and a lot of misconceptions of the product.

    As you mentioned in your informative article, a lot of people think this is a scam or is just another way for people to get marijuana.  Thanks for clarifying this.

    Including information on the strains is very helpful in understanding the difference and how one works and one could actually hurt you.  Putting this out there will hopefully ease the fears of those who are uninformed on the product.  

    Your information on the dosage difference between CDB oil and vitamins for example is great.  This is something I would not have even thought of.  I took at the link and it is very clear.  I would like to recommend others to do the same.

    Prior to reading your article I would have probably tried to convince people that all they were doing is taking something that was not good for them and could even hurt them.  Your article has definitely cleared this up for me.  I still feel it is an individuals choice but I can see people who may be having unmanageable pain getting relief.

    Great article and I am sure it is going to be of great benefit to those who are considering if this is a potential treatment for them.


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