Best Bone Building Supplements

Best Bone Building Supplements

Best Bone Building Supplements

Lets give a deep look what is the Best Bone Building Supplements our pick is SynerG from Zahlers in the article will go through the pros and cons.

With each passing day, we become a day older. And while we may not notice small changes, we suddenly realize that our health and chronological age have caught up with each other. One of the most common conditions associated with aging, although not necessarily with ‘old’ age, is osteoarthritis.


Bones serve many purposes in the body. They hold up the human shape, protect internal organs and allow for movement and activity. The skeletal system consists of many bones, and each bone, while interconnected at joint junctions, is its own unit with its unique purpose. It’s the joints, the meeting places between bones, that allow a person to move about.

The joints are made of cartilage, which covers the ends of the bones, and the synovial membrane, which makes synovial fluid, whose purpose is to lubricate the joints.


Like any machine with moving parts, the joints need to be kept well-lubricated to continue to function well. During the childhood and teenage years, the body does not undergo much stress and the bodily repair system is adequate. As a person ages, the joints sustain more weight and use. Excessive wear and damage to joints often results in osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is commonly referred to simply as ‘arthritis.’

The knees are most often the joints affected by osteoarthritis. This is understandable since the knees absorb most of the impact and force from the body’s movements. As such, it is the first to wear out. Next most-affected are the hips, followed by other joints in the body. When cartilage and synovial fluids break down, the joint’s movements become less agile and more painful. Osteoarthritis also comes along with swelling and inflammation of the joints, which further exacerbate the pain.



Glucosamine is a naturally occurring chemical in the fluids surrounding joints and is also used to produce other chemicals to build tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Most glucosamine supplements are derived from animals. The GreenGrown® Glucosamine Sulfate in SynerG is derived from non-GMO corn. Taking glucosamine long term can help with pain management as well as slow the progression of arthritis.

OptiMSM®, the purest form of MSM, is a source of biologic sulfur important for the health of joints and cartilage. It is an important ingredient in maintaining and improving joint function and mobility. MSM is also an anti-inflammatory and can reduce pain and swelling.

Calcium, the mainstay of bone and joint health, is an important ingredient in SynerG. FruiteX-BTM is identical to the calcium found in natural sources like legumes and certain fruits and vegetables. In clinical studies, FruiteX-BTM has been shown to reduce pain and support bone and joint health.

ParActinTM is an extract from the Andrographis plant and supports a healthier response to tissue damage and helps the natural repair systems in the body. ParActinTM also lessens intercellular signaling compounds associated with pain and tissue breakdown.

The unique combination which targets the root causes and painful outcomes of osteoarthitis makes SynerGTM successful among sufferers.

Success of SynerG

 SynerG is a simple and powerful formula made from vegan-sourced Glucosamine Sulfate and other ingredients which are clinically proven to be effective for joint wellness, have anti-inflammatory properties, and provide relief of pain associated with osteoarthritis. SynerG addresses the nutritional aspect of joint maintenance.

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