Best Mushroom Supplements

Best Mushroom Supplements

Best Mushroom Supplements

Lets give a deep look what is The Best Mushroom Supplements our pick is Myco5Defense from Zahlers in the article will go through the pros and cons.

And here I thought mushrooms were meant for sauces and salads. Can mushrooms, some simple fungi, have important health benefits? Why, yes! The modest mushroom has much to offer us. Most notably, mushrooms can be helpful for immune health and cellular function, especially forimmunocompromised individuals.

Most people associate immune system function with fighting illnesses like Streptococcus and the common cold in the winter. While that’s true, it’s only half the truth. The immune system is busy fighting invading organisms all year round. Yet, there are people who struggle with compromised or

weakened immune systems. For them, the modest and humble mushroom can provide marvelous health benefits. This may include people on chemotherapy or others with chronic immune challenges.



Modern medicine has made many strides. Yet, much of it still originates in nature. In truth, the natural world offers multiple benefits over conventional, synthetic medicine. Although mushrooms have been used for their medicinal properties in the past, science is still discovering potential medicinal benefits

in them. Mushrooms are a superfood. An estimated 50% of edible mushrooms have a positive effect on health, and countless studies show different ways that mushrooms can help prevent and treat various conditions. This is besides all the nutritional benefits they offer. But most exciting is the fact that mushrooms have impressive immuneboosting properties. A clinical study from the University of Florida found that eating Shiitake mushrooms every day improves immunity unlike any other

drug available. An important caveat: It is important to verify the safety of mushrooms before consuming them. Some strains can be poisonous.



If mushrooms are so potent and powerful, why not eat a mushroom salad every day? While it is to derive them. Myco5DefenseTM contains extracts species, as well as Selenium, to provide maximal

gains. The MycoFusionTM materials are natural complexes of mushroom compounds which support robust immune function. Glucans activate the natural immunity response, polysaccharides boost identification of pathogens, and phenolic compounds provide antioxidant benefits for healthy tissue.




MaitakeGold 404® is an extensively researched extract of the Maitake mushroom. It supports a number of basic functions of the immune system without overstimulating it.

Reishi mushrooms have been the subject of clinical tests with proven efficacy in boosting immunity and helping the body fight cancer cells and infections. It can also help fight fatigue and depression. Compounds in Shiitake

mushrooms may help fight cancer, boost immunity, and support heart health. Cordyceps mushrooms help improve immunity by stimulating cells and certain chemicals in the immune system. It may also work against cancer cells and possibly shrink tumor size.

Chaga mushrooms are packed with antioxidants and contain strong immune-boosting properties. Its extract may improve immunity and chronic inflammation, as well as blood sugar and cholesterol levels.



 Immune-compromising conditions can cause many hardships in addition to the primary condition. Myco5DefenseTM combines the potent benefits of five mushrooms along with Selenium to provide immune-boosting compounds which can help fight against these serious conditions. By strengthening a person’s ability to fight disease and infection, Myco5DefenseTM provides arenewed opportunity to live life to its fullest.

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