Best Treatment For Motion Sickness

Best Treatment For Motion Sickness

The balance of a person is regulated by a very delicate system located in the inner ear. When traveling in a car, an airplane, a ship, or any vehicle, the signals from the eyes and ears do not always match what the body is feeling. And that can bring motion sickness or nausea while traveling. This can also happen when going on a ride in a park.

What is Motion Sickness?

When in a car, a person sits in one place. The body feels that it is sitting still, but the eyes see a different place every second. Fluid in the balance mechanism in ears is moving due to the movement of the car and sends signals to the brain to balance the body due to the perceived movement. When this happens, the person begins to feel symptoms of motion sickness, as we will soon discuss.

Most times, there is no need for medical intervention. However, it can become serious if the person vomits repeatedly or becomes dehydrated. Symptoms often go away when you stop traveling, sometimes immediately, and sometimes it may take between several minutes to an hour or two. There are people who suffer from motion sickness every time they are in any moving vehicle. By others, it happens only occasionally.

Motion Sickness is most common by children and pregnant women, but it can happen to anyone. It is also more likely to affect someone who doesn’t like to travel or has a fear of traveling. Not having enough air in the car, being dressed too warmly, or not being able to look out of the window, can cause the symptoms to appear faster and more severely.

What Is Motion Sickness Symptoms

The symptoms of motion sickness usually start with a general uncomfortable feeling. Then it progresses to:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache and dizziness
  • Sweating
  • Increased saliva in the mouth

Best Treatment For Motion Sickness

Best Treatment For Motion Sickness – Motion Sickness is a temporary ailment that requires only short-term treatment. However, it is always better if it can be treated without resorting to medications and their various side effects.

For motion sickness, DMG can be taken before going out on the road as this helps the brain absorb more oxygen and utilize it better. DMG can also help with balance, as that gets affected during travel.

What else

Usually, motion sickness is not serious enough to require a doctor. However, there are some drugs that can if it does become serious or if you have to travel for long. Ask your doctor what he would recommend. There are also over-the-counter medicines, such as Dramamine, available at the pharmacy, that can help. The drugs, however, have various side-effects that should be considered before using the drug.

You can also try to change where you sit during travel. Sitting and looking out of a window can help the body understand that it is actually in motion. If the window is open there will also be more fresh air to breathe which can improve the overall feeling.

Taking ginger, mint, or tea has long been known as a means to help with nausea.

You can try to avoid these feelings by eating light foods in the last few hours before driving. You should also try to sit more in front of the car or airplane because bumps and vibrations from travel are less felt there. Finding a point on the horizon and keeping your eyes focused on it can also help the body to reconcile what it sees with what it feels.

Staying calm, and taking deep, slow breaths helps you feel better. Breathing quickly and hyperventilating can aggravate the symptoms.

Interesting Facts

Best Treatment For Motion Sickness

  • About 61,000 people fly across America at every minute!

Best Treatment For Motion Sickness

  • The pilot and co-pilot never eat the same meal during a flight. This is so that if there is a problem with one of the meals, the other person should not be affected.

Best Treatment For Motion Sickness

  • Airplanes shake today more than before because of changes in air patterns.

Best Treatment For Motion Sickness

  • The risk of death from an airplane crash is 1 in 11 million. The risk of dying from a car accident is one in 5 thousand!


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