Best Vitamins For Appendicitis After Surgery


Best Vitamins For Appendicitis After Surgery

You want to try to treat After Appendicitis surgery natural? read our short to the point article what is the Best Vitamins For Appendicitis After Surgery, Remember there is always a way to treat things Natural!

Best Vitamins For Appendicitis

After an operation, it is important to strengthen the patient and speed up the recovery process. It is therefore advisable to take a multivitamin such as Multi Mite (or another multi-vitamin according to the patient’s age). Also, Biodophilus should be taken as the treatment requires medications that can kill the beneficial gut bacteria and taking Biodophilus can help restore this balance.

Vitamin B12 can also help add more strength and speed up recovery.


What else

Antibiotics will be given to the patient prior to surgery. This is in case the appendix has already begun to release harmful material. The patient will then be sedated and operated on. A normal operation requires a four-inch incision. If a laparoscopic procedure can be done, the incision will be much smaller. If the appendix has already ruptured, the entire stomach/abdomen needs to be cleaned. After the operation, the patient can usually get up after 12 hours and can return to normal activities after two or three weeks.

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