Calming Vitamins For Kids


Calming Vitamins For Kids

calming vitamins for kids

Lets give a look whats the best Calming Vitamins For Kids, Have you ever seen a child in a perpetual state of calm? It is definitely more likely that children are seen in a perpetual state of motion. Many youngsters are constantly in a mode of hyperarousal. Furthermore, children can have a harder time regulating their emotions and responses when triggered. There are also kids who struggle with anxious thoughts and their resultant difficulties, albeit on a below- clinical level. And what about those who are too wound up to fall asleep? 

We wouldn’t want our children to be composed at all times. It is good for children to become animated; it promotes motivation. It is even important for children to be afraid as it teaches them to be careful within their environment. Yet, youngsters should also be able to keep their emotions and reactions in check. Often, they need help with that. 


ChildCalm was developed to assist children in their journey towards self-regulation. It’s one thing to know you need to calm down. It’s quite another to have the ability to do so. A bit of external support, in the form of ChildCalm, can help a child use the tools or the tricks they were taught and allow themselves to relax. It is a short-term investment for a lifetime solution. Without its support, a child may be stuck in the heat of the moment. However, by taking this supplement, the child has the ability to learn and practice calming techniques which he will be able to use throughout his life.

How does ChildCalm work? 

ChildCalm is a synergistic formula, which means that each ingredient boosts the efficacy of the other. All are effective on their own, but together they achieve more powerful results. Vitamin B6 and Magnesium Vitamin B6 plays a roll in more than 150 enzyme reactions and is closely linked to nervous system function. A deficiency in this vitamin can cause changes in mood. Magnesium, a mineral, is important for every cell in the body and also fights depression. These two can be found in many foods but, unfortunately, in foods children don’t love to eat. The B6 and magnesium in ChildCalm are bioactive and readily absorbed to allow for maximum benefit. Affron, an extract from the saffron crocus, has been clinically trialed and demonstrated safety and efficacy in reducing both anxiety and mild depressive symptoms. SunTheanine is identical to amino acids found in green tea, a common calming aid. SunTheanine supports a calm and focused state of mind in both children and adults.  Lemon Balm Extract ChildCalm also contains Lemon Balm Extract, an herb traditionally used to help with relaxation in children and adults. ChildCalm is not sedative. Yet because it supports a natural state of quietude, it can help those children that have a hard time falling asleep. 


Calm from Advanced Nutrition by Zahler combines traditional botanical remedies with quality vitamins and nutrients to help children relax.” 

KIDS CALMING SUPPORT Our unique formula achieves this result without sedative or hypnotic effects. ChildCalm has no dependency-forming ingredients, nor does it produce a zombie. It allows children to feel and experience everything around them, yet aids with proper responses to those experiences. 

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