Candida Vitamins

Candida Vitamins

Candida Vitamins

The human body is host to many species of organisms. While the words bacteria and fungi have an unearned negative connotation, in fact, most bacteria and yeast residing in the body are friendly and beneficial, so long as they remain balanced. However, if one strain overpowers another, a person can come down with a variety of conditions. Common problems that develop as a result of unbalanced friendly bacteria are yeast and fungal issues for this reason its important to choose good  Candida Vitamins


Candida, a yeast organism, normally lives in the mouth and gut and causes no problems when under control. But when the environment is right, Candida will multiply and cause fungal infections such as thrush and other forms of candidiasis. Candidiasis can cause extreme itching and pain in the mouth and other parts of the body. 


The best way to fight yeast and fungal infections is to build up healthy bacteria and gut resident flora. This often presents a challenge. Much of the digestive process occurs before anything ingested reaches the intestines. As such, it is difficult to ensure that the contents of a capsule of probiotics will reach the intestines in its most effective, active form. Often, a person would need to take large quantities of these supplements for long stretches of time in order to achieve desired results.


Because of its superior formulation and sustained release, CandAidTM has better bioavailability and absorption in the GI tract. This unique presentation also allows for a longer, more stable shelf life and ease of intake. In addition, the beadlet enables combining ingredients that are otherwise incompatible so that each capsule contains multiple benefits. Taking CandAidTM can help you combat this round of candidiasis while helping you build up your defenses to prevent any recurrence. 


The essential oils released in the first stage include Black Seed Oil, also known as carraway or black cumin. This has long been used to support human health as it is soothing and restorative to tissues. Black seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is a healthy fatty acid. CandAidTM also contains Thyme, Oregano and Garlic Oils, all known for their antifungal and antimicrobial considered the two most effective oils to combat Candida infections. Modern scientists and herbalists recommend these oils because of their safety and efficacy. But anti-activity is not enough. CandAidTM also contains probiotics to improve total intestinal flora. Bacillus coagulans is clinically substantiated and is known to increase regularity, relieve symptoms in allergy sufferers, support immune function and reduce systemic inflammation. Bolstering friendly resident bacteria can help prevent recolonization of Candida and other fungi and bacteria, thereby preventing reinfection.


Advanced Nutrition by Zahler has reformulated their exceptional CandAidTM supplement to address this issue. The new CandAidTM is designed with a unique two-stage, liquid and solid delivery system. A blend of essential oils is released during the first stage. The second stage is a delayed release of beneficial probiotic organism beadlets. Combined, CandAidTM supports intestinal health, yeast balance and enhanced microbial support. 

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