Children Immune System Boosters

Children Immune System Boosters

Children Immune System Boosters

Lets give a deep look What Is The Best Children Immune System Boosters Supplements our pick is ImmuniKid from Zahlers in the article will go through the pros and cons.

Healthy children are every parent’s wish. As responsible adults, we do whatever it takes to keep ourselves and our children in optimal states of health. Yet, as a normal part of life, children will sometimes, or rather oftentimes, contract illnesses. Sicknesses can be minor or major, bacterial or viral, and may or may not require medication, but all take a toll on the physical and emotional well-being of the entire family. Sounds discouraging? Not so fast. There is plenty for a parent to do to minimize sickness and mitigate symptoms. Specific vitamins help prevent certain ailments and certain supplements may reduce and eliminate symptoms. Years of acquired knowledge helped us produce potent supplements. Decades of wisdom taught us the most effective combinations.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” said Benjamin Franklin. And that’s as true today as it was when he said it. True, there are germs and viruses out there. True, our children spend hours in closed environments making it easy to spread illness. True, children’s immune systems are not fully developed. But there’s ImmuniKid. An Advanced Nutrition by Zahler original, ImmuniKid is an immune booster specifically developed for children.



ImmuniKid is based on vitamin C and vitamin B6 and is boosted by a proprietary herbal blend of elderberry, astragalus root, ginger root, and more. Each herb on its own may have healing and protective properties, but when blended Together, their true powers are unleashed.


The herbs contained in ImmuniKid have withstood the test of time; they’ve been used for generations for their healing powers. Each
dose of ImmuniKid contains the potency of all this goodness. By taking a daily dose, a child’s ability to ward off infection can increase exponentially, and even when a child does
indeed fall ill, these herbs can soothe coughs and reduce inflammation. A strengthened immune system can shorten the duration of illness as well.



 Experience has proven that palatability is of utmost importance. ImmuniKid is mixed in elderberry juice concentrate and flavored like fruit punch. The best part is that all this goodness is concentrated in one 2 mL dose, just once per day (or as directed by a healthcare practitioner). Great taste. Small dose. Healthy children.

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