Croup Symptoms And Treatment

Croup Symptoms And Treatment

Croup Symptoms And Treatment

Anyone who has been up all night with a child because of croup knows very well what we are talking about! Croup is a swelling in the upper airways, caused by an infection. It’s characterized by a hoarse, barking cough, which gets worse when the child cries. In this article will discuss Croup Symptoms And Treatment.


Viral Croup is caused by one of several kinds of viruses like parainfluenza or RSV and is the most common. Symptoms are most severe in children aged six months to three years. Some children will contract croup when they suffer from a cold or similar illness. Spasmodic Croup is a type of croup that comes on quickly, usually starts at night, and does not come with a fever.

It can usually be treated at home. However, sometimes it can get serious, and a doctor or emergency services need to be contacted. Both types of croup are treated in the same manner.

Croup usually happens in the fall and early winter, when those type of viruses are the strongest. Not all children who come in contact with the virus will have croup, some may only catch a cold.

A doctor will recognize croup according to how the child is coughing and if there are any sounds during breathing. The doctor will also ask if the child has recently had a fever, a runny nose, was feeling poorly, and if he has ever had croup.

What Is Croup Symptoms

The symptoms of croup usually appear 2-3 days after the infection has started and can last for 3-7 days. First, the child will be chilled, with a stuffed or runny nose and fever. As the airways become more swollen, the child may become hoarse and start coughing strongly making a barking sound. If the airways become more swollen and it becomes even harder to breathe, a rattle may be heard as the child breathes (stridor). If the condition worsens further, the child will look pale and may be blue around the mouth.

Croup symptoms are often worse at night and when the child cries. It can also affect the lower airways. Usually, this will pass without complications, but sometimes it may cause the child to contract pneumonia or become dehydrated due to not drinking enough.

All the above notwithstanding, you should immediately call a doctor if you see one of the following:

  • The child is breathing hard or rapidly
  • The skin around the ribcage retracts at every breath
  • A rattling sound when breathing (stridor)
  • Turn blue around the mouth
  • Spittle running out of the mouth or difficulty swallowing
  • Child looks extremely exhausted
  • Signs of dehydration
  • Child looks extremely unwell

Croup Treatment

When a child has croup, it is first necessary to make breathing easier, (see “What else” below). The question really is, can it be avoided in the first place. Indeed, this is a possibility. The new, long-awaited ImmuniKid supplement strengthens the immune system and helps prevent germs and bacteria from gaining a foothold. Thus, croup can be prevented, because croup is an affliction that comes with a previous condition. Echinacea, Olive Leaf, and Vitamin C have long been known to be nutrients that strengthen the immune system. In addition, there is Sambucus Nigra, a form of elderberry, as well as probiotics that are very helpful.

It is also advisable to take DMG, which helps ease breathing.

What else

Many times, croup is not very serious. Breathing moist air can help the child feel better. A good way to do this is to run the shower with hot water and sit there for ten minutes. You can also try a cool-mist humidifier in the child’s room. Breathing the cold outside air can also help to feel better, and as with many illnesses, rest and drinking enough are required.

Sometimes it is important to sleep in the same room with the child in order to keep a close eye on the situation. If the child begins breathing very quickly or coughs very strongly, contact a doctor or call emergency services immediately. Sometimes medical assistance or oxygen is needed to improve the condition.

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Interesting Facts

Croup Symptoms And Treatment

  • Breathing through the mouth can cause the teeth to become crooked!
  • Breathing through the mouth is the biggest cause of lisping.

Croup Symptoms And Treatment

  • When you breathe faster you become hungrier!

Croup Symptoms And Treatment

  • When doing exercises, do not exert yourself to the point where breathing through the nose is no longer enough.

Croup Symptoms And Treatment

  • A person turns in his sleep to enable himself to breathe easily out of both nostrils.


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