Eczema Symptoms Treatments

Eczema Symptoms Treatments


Eczema Symptoms Treatments

The easiest way to make a person happy is by doing something pleasant for someone close to them. The reverse is also true. Few things can disturb a person’s mood as much as when a close person has difficulties. It’s doubly so when parents see their child suffering and their hands are almost bound in helplessness.

Even though it is a widespread ailment, and has been the subject of much study, the disease of eczema is still a shrouded in darkness. Although so many suffer from it, doctors are not quite clear as to its causes and how to cure it. Lets give a deep look what Eczema Symptoms Treatments are.


What is Eczema?

Eczema is a rash on the skin that occurs when normal skin layers are damaged. There are various forms of it, but the most common one is that which affects young children. Young children, unlike adults, often experience Eczema as a condition that comes and goes and is sometimes better and sometimes worse. As long as a child suffers from eczema, it is important that t be treated and kept under control as far as possible. It starts to improve by the age of 5-6 and the child will usually grow out of it during their mid-teens.

Eczema can be caused by food allergies (milk, soy, citrus fruit, nuts, wheat etc.) or from airborne pathogens. It can come from a weak immune system, stress, humidity, or weather. Every sufferer needs to find out for himself what causes an outbreak of symptoms and try to prevent it as far as possible.

What Is Eczema Symptoms

Eczema symptoms can be different in every person and may even be different in different parts of the body or different times by the same person. They may range from mild to serious. Even if one has one or more of the following symptoms (and can use the same medications we mention further on), only a doctor can officially diagnose Eczema.

Eczema sufferers may experience / feel:

  • Dry, delicate skin
  • Severe itchiness
  • Red, bruised skin
  • Rash that comes back repeatedly
  • Runny wounds
  • Swelling in parts of the skin
  • Darkened areas of the skin


What you could do

 There are several things you can do to reduce the symptoms of Eczema as far as possible.

First, one of the main causes of eczema is dryness. Therefore, it is important not to bathe for longer than ten minutes at a time and that the water should be warm, not hot. Immediately after bathing, the skin is more open so that is the best time to treat it with a thick ointment. In the winter when the air at home tends to be drier, it is good to have a humidifier running to return moisture into the air.

If the patient is known to be allergic to anything, such as food, mildew, dust, or pollen, then obviously exposure to those allergens should be kept to a minimum.

There are other things that can damage your skin. Keep away from tobacco smoke. Pay attention to the soap you use for bathing and washing laundry – use unscented and undyed if possible. Bleach or scratchy wool can irritate, as well as highly acidic food.

What else

 All the above-mentioned methods to fight eczema are applied to the skin itself, that is, out of body. However, it is also important to strengthen the body from the inside to treat the root causes of the problem which will bring about a fuller outcome. There is a wonderful supplement: Derma D, a capsule that does just that. It contains herbs, like milk thistle and sarsaparilla, as well as several B vitamins and vitamins A, C, D3, E, zinc and more. The herbs and vitamins strengthen and repair the skin from the inside out. Addressing the roots of the problem also helps with itchiness and dryness. For children, the capsule can be opened, and the contents mixed in a drink or yogurt. There are other vitamins for children which are very helpful but don’t have the full complement as Derma D. Pantothenaid Liquid, Flaxseed oil, and Omega 3 Fish Oil also help greatly to reduce symptoms.

No matter what medical path you take, it is very important to do it regularly. That is the only way to achieve full results.

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Interesting Facts

Eczema Symptoms Treatments

Over the last 30 years the number of eczema sufferers has doubled!

Eczema Symptoms Treatments

Eczema affects 10-20% of children and 1-3% of adults in the United States!

Eczema Symptoms Treatments

Over 60% of patients develop symptoms in the first year of life, 85% in the five years!

Eczema Symptoms Treatments

About $2.6 billion is spent per year on treating eczema!


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