Fast Pain Relief

Fast Pain Relief

Fast Pain Relief

If illness can be scheduled, no one would choose to come down with something “the day before.” And yet, a singer’s voice will go the day of the concert, and a potential employ- ee will come down with fever the night before the interview for those situations you need a fast pain relief vitamin. General knowledge suggests that vitamins cannot help in this situation. The truth is that most supplements need to be taken over time for desired efficacy. Yet, AbreveTM, a combi- nation of several herbs and vitamins, has been helpful when relief and recovery were required in short order.



The human body is an assemblage of systems designed to work in perfect synchrony. If one thing is out of whack, everything can be affected. The function of the immune system is to ensure that all harmful substances, bacterial, viral, or otherwise, are kept out of the body and, in the case they do break the barrier, to ensure their swift removal. 

While the immune system is usually able to fend off attacks and keep the body well, sometimes it does not succeed. One might come down with a little sniffle, a full-fledged cold, or a serious illness.



Astragalus is an important component of Abreve. Astragalus is an herb long used for its medicinal qualities in treating the common cold, allergies, and CFS among other illnesses. Astragalus can stimulate the immune system so it fights faster and more efficiently. 

Another active ingredient is Echinacea, an herb that has been used to fight the common cold and other upper respiratory infections. It is sometimes used as a preventative measure and often to treat symptoms that have already appeared. Research shows that Echinacea may indeed reduce cold symptoms and is used for the flu, UTIs, yeast infections, septicemia, gum disease, strep infections, and other viral, bacterial and fungal diseases. 

Elderberry has been used for centuries to treat wounds and diseases, either by being applied directly to the skin or via ingestion. There is evidence showing that elderberry reduced nasal congestion and swelling in mucous membranes. Elderberry also has antiviral qualities, antioxidants, and contains flavonoids. One study has shown that using a prepared elderberry extract shortened the duration of influenza by three days. Another preliminary study found that taking elderberry extract within 24 hours of the start of the illness reduced flu symptoms. 

Echinacea, Astragalus, Elderberry. These herbs, especially when combined with Garlic, Pantothenic Acid, and PureWay C, make a powerful formula which works to treat symptoms, reduce the duration of illness and strengthen the immune system in the long run. 


Enter AbreveTM 

Abreve is a potent immune booster and pathogen fighter. Most vitamins and supplements need to be taken over time for them to be effective. However, this unique combination works wonderfully, and quickly, to minimize symtoms and lessen the duration of the illness.


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