Focus Vitamins

Focus Vitamins

Focus Vitamins

Focus and concentration. Those are some of the key ingredients for success. The ability to focus and concentrate on any given task can be the difference between achievement and failure. It may come naturally to some, but most of us can do well with a boost. AdultFocus A Focus Vitamins from Advanced Nutrition by Zahler is formulated to provide adults with the power to perform and ability to achieve.


Sure, adults are past the teenage angst but many can still use an extra boost. While adult brains are fully developed, they can still use boosters to help with focused tasks and responsibilities, especially if this is something they struggled with in their earlier years. Maturity that comes with adulthood allows for the choice to supplement with that which provides the variables for success.



AdultFocus from Advanced Nutrition by Zahler is a unique supplement designed to provide adults with the nutrients and herbs most beneficial for brain health and function. Many adults struggle with inattention, cognitive processing, focus, and calmness. The natural ingredients in AdultFocus boost the brain when it comes to focus, concentration, sharpness and more. These ingredients target specific issues. 

SUNTHEANINE, isolated from green tea, helps support a calm, focused state without affecting alertness. 

SHARP PS GREEN helps reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. COGNIZIN (or citicoline), is important in the production of neurotransmitters and helps support active cognition. 

NEUROFACTOR is a unique Coffee Fruit extract that has a profound impact on Brain Derived Neurotrophic Growth Factor (BDNF). BDNF also helps with cognition without being a stimulant. 

A synergistic collection of B VITAMINS and DMAE helps support energy production and cellular repair. 

AdultFocus also assists with executive function and slows the aging processes in the brain.


Enter AdultFocusTm 

 Our lives are very stressful, filled with work and social demands. Yet, there’s only so much a brain can handle. Most people must make use of boosters so they can realize their potential. By using AdultFocus, you’ll receive a powerful boost which can help you focus and concentrate on living your best life. And since it is all natural, there is no associated risk when taken as directed. Overcome life’s challenges with AdultFocus


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