High Cholesterol Treatment Options

High Cholesterol Treatment Options

High Cholesterol Treatment Options

To understand what high cholesterol is, one must first understand what cholesterol is. Cholesterol is a fat found in every person’s cells. You need cholesterol to produce hormones, vitamin D, and to assist with the digestive process. Our body produces enough cholesterol for its needs. The problem, however, is that some of the foods also contain cholesterol, and it accumulates too much. Cholesterol travels in the blood in tiny packages called lipoproteins. There are two kinds of these: LDL – Low Density Lipoproteins, and HDL – High Density Lipoproteins. Although LDL is known as “the bad kind”, it is important to have healthy levels of both. LDL builds up in the blood vessels in the form of plaque, while HDL removes excess cholesterol and carries it to the liver, which cleanses the cholesterol from the blood. In this article, we will be discussing high cholesterol treatment options.

What is High Cholesterol?

When a person has too much cholesterol it can lead to coronary heart disease. The higher the levels of LDL, the greater the odds of heart disease. The reverse is true with HDL, higher levels lower the odds. Coronary heart disease is a condition that occurs from a build-up of plaque in the arteries around the heart. Plaque is made up of fat, cholesterol, calcium, and other substances found in the blood. When plaque builds up in the arteries, we have a condition called Atherosclerosis. Over time, plaque hardens and narrows your arteries. This limits the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your organs and other parts of your body. It can reach a point where it will block much or almost all the blood from reaching the heart. This can bring about a heart attack. If immediate help is not received, a heart attack can wreak havoc on the person and, in many cases, be fatal.

Plaque may also accumulate in the arteries around the brain or other organs. This is called Carotid Artery Disease, Stroke, and Peripheral Arterial Disease. It is best to have an LDL level below 100 mg / dL and an HDL level above 60 mg / dL. (Another item that is important to measure is the level of triglycerides. When it exceeds 200 mg / dL, it may require treatment.)

What Is High Cholesterol Symptoms

High cholesterol has no symptoms. Many people do not know that their levels are too high. By the time problems with the heart are noticed felt, the cholesterol has been already too high, for too long. Anyone past 20 should have their cholesterol levels measured at least once every five years.

What can be done

 Lowering the cholesterol may slow down, stop, or decrease the plaque build-up. Many details affect the levels. One should be aware of them.

A doctor will usually prescribe a Statin drug. The drugs, however, have many side effects, the most common is joint pain. When the side effects are extremely bothersome, people seek a natural solution. Taking Red Yeast Rice is one way to lower LDL levels. The supplement CholestStall does indeed contain Red Yeast Rice, as well as CoQ10 and other plant sterols which are very helpful for high cholesterol. Omega 3 Platinum fish oil can also help greatly.

What else

 Diet: Eggs, beef, cheese, etc. are high in cholesterol. Saturated and trans fats are very harmful. Avoiding them can help lower cholesterol levels.

Weight: Being overweight increases the levels of LDL. Exercises can increase the levels of HDL.

Genetic reasons: High cholesterol can be genetic. If you have relatives who suffer from this, let your doctor know.

There is a three-step program here: Healthy Diet, Weight Control, and Exercises. It is called TLC-Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. This is for anyone who wants to control their cholesterol levels. Your diet should keep to the following rules:

  • No more than 25-35% of daily calories should come from fat – no difference what type of fat.
  • Consume less than 200mg of cholesterol daily.
  • Get a lot of fiber from fruit, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.
  • Fish that have omega 3, such as tuna, twice a week.
  • Minimize salt intake.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol.

It is not always enough to change the way of life. Sometimes there is already damage which needs to be repaired. If you smoke, stop immediately! There are programs that can help you with this. Discuss the options with your doctor.

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Interesting Facts

High Cholesterol Treatment Options

  • A heart valve is about as big as a half dollar!
  • The heart beats 100,000 times a day!

High Cholesterol Treatment Options

  • The heart pumps 1½ gallons of blood every minute!
  • Exercises are the best way to keep your heart healthy! And you don’t have to pay for it …

High Cholesterol Treatment Options

  • A woman’s heart beats, on average, 8 times more a minute than a man’s heart!

High Cholesterol Treatment Options

  • The largest heart is found in the blue whale. It can weigh up to 1,500 pounds!


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