How To Prevent A Stroke Naturally

How To Prevent A Stroke Naturally

A stroke occurs when the flow of blood in the brain is cut off and blood cannot reach parts of the brain. When this happens, the brain does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients. Within a few minutes, brain cells can begin to die.

If you suspect someone is having a stroke, Emergency Services must immediately be contacted without delay. Every minute can make a critical difference in preventing injury.

What is A Stroke?

There are two types of strokes. One happens when a blood vessel in the brain becomes blocked and blood cannot flow through it. This is called an Ischemic Stroke. The second type is when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. This is called a Hemorrhagic Stroke. Sometimes the blood flow is stopped only for a short time and then the blockage releases and the blood continues to flow normally. This is called a Transient Ischemic Attack or TIA.

Most strokes are ischemic strokes, where the blood flow is interrupted due to a blockage. This usually happens as a result of a blood clot that forms in the brain, or when a clot that has formed somewhere else in the body breaks away and travels to the brain.

A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, which can happen as a result of high blood pressure or an aneurysm. A blood vessel may burst within the brain, which then damages all organs that are controlled by that part of the brain. Also, damage occurs to other areas of the brain where the blood that came out of the burst vessel pools.

Sometimes a vein may burst in the area around the brain, and the blood will pool in the space between the brain and the skull bones. This is often marked by a sudden severe headache.

A TIA is also called a mini-stroke and happens when the blood flow is cut off only for a short time, usually less than five minutes. Even if the symptoms cease quickly, you should still go to the hospital because it can indicate problems with the blood vessels in the brain. Also, a stroke cannot be diagnosed based only on the symptoms; it must be checked at the hospital.

People who are overweight, do not exercise, or drink much alcohol, may be at risk of stroke. Also, the odds are higher for those who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, sleep apnea, heart problems, are 55 or older, or smoke. If someone in the immediate family has suffered from a stroke, other members may be more at risk.

A stroke can leave a person paralyzed on one side of the body. Some muscles may lose their functions. It may be difficult to talk or swallow. Patients may also be forgetful and unable to express how they feel. They may also have pain or discomfort in various parts of the body. However, the problem located in the brain, not the body itself and therefore it can be difficult to solve.

What Is A Stroke Symptoms

The following symptoms may indicate that one is suffering from a stroke. Call Emergency Services IMMEDIATELY! Pay close attention and note when the symptoms started because the doctors will want to know how to treat the patient and the timing of the symptoms can make a difference in treatment.

  • Difficulties in speaking and understanding. Confusion.
  • Paralysis or numbness in the face, hand or leg. More so if it’s on one side only. Try to raise both hands. If one hand falls, it may be a sign of stroke.
  • A problem seeing out of one or both eyes.
  • Strong headache, accompanied by vomiting, nausea or weakness.
  • Problems with walking.

Even if the symptoms go away after a short period of time, contact your doctor immediately.

How To Prevent A Stroke Naturally

How To Prevent A Stroke Naturally? The chance of stroke increase with the blood pressure. Zahler’s 120/80 supplement contains CoQ10, magnesium, garlic, and other nutrients that can help keep blood pressure at the correct levels. Red Yeast Rice can also be helpful for this. Omega 3 has long been known for multiple health benefits and in this case, it can also help with the circulation and brain functions.

If a person has suffered from a stroke, one should try to take DMG, which can add strength and help the body properly absorb oxygen. Also, vitamin B12 can help strengthen the patient.

What else

It is important to treat any health problem that may cause or has already caused a stroke.

Daily exercises that strengthen the heart are very important. Also, a strong emphasis should be placed on a healthy diet, focusing on foods that strengthen the heart and brain, such as fish, fruit and green beans.

Reduce the intake of harmful fats and salt.

Some foods, such as apples and grapes, are very beneficial for stroke patients.

It is interesting to note that light massage can bring blood back to affected muscles and help them heal.

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Interesting Facts

How To Prevent A Stroke Naturally

  • A stroke kills nearly 130,000 Americans every year!
  • Stroke is the biggest cause of disability.

How To Prevent A Stroke Naturally

  • One in four strokes occurs in people who have already had a stroke.

How To Prevent A Stroke Naturally

  • 80% of strokes could have been avoided.

How To Prevent A Stroke Naturally

  • During a stroke, 32,000 brain cells die every second. If you receive immediate treatment, damage can be reduced.


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