Mini Prenatal Vitamin

Mini Prenatal Vitamin

Mini Prenatal Vitamin

Lets give a deep look what is the best Mini Prenatal  Vitamin our pick is Mighty mini from Zahlers in the article will go through the pros and cons.

mini Softgel, mighty Formula

We are excited to bring to you an updated version of our exclusive prenatal supplement, a mini, pintsized, easy-to-swallow softgel. During the stage of pregnancy, when swallowing pills proves to be challenging for many moms-to-be, mighty miniTM fills the gap, providing a full spectrum of nutrients +DHA, hence its name, mighty mini. Another hurdle many women face at this stage is a great sensitivity to smell. We therefore went to great lengths to provide a solution and added a mint-infused scented insert into every bottle. Mighty miniTM is now a cinch to take! Based on cutting-edge research, sound scientific discoveries and the latest knowledge, mighty miniTM contains the most advanced and bioactive forms of 19 essential nutrients and minerals +100 mg of DHA.


Unlike folic acid, the source Methylfolate (Quatrefolic 5-methyltetrahydrofolic) is body ready and eliminates the risk of unmetabolized folic acid. This naturally occurring form of folate is required by a large percentage of pregnant women due to an MTHFR gene mutation as these women cannot fully process synthetic folic acid at RDA or higher dose levels.


The structural fatty acid DHA is crucial for proper eye and central nervous system development, impacting some of the most significant brain functions including vision, cognition and motor function. While DHA is important for everyone, it can be especially vital for babies. Fetuses get DHA while in the womb, and babies could get DHA through their mothers’ milk. But, many women do not have enough DHA for themselves, let alone enough DHA for two.


Pregnant women are especially susceptible to anemia because of the extra demands on their nutritional stores. Mighty mini contains a robust dose of Iron from the most bioactive source, Ferrochel, which is especially gentle on the stomach and does not cause constipation.



Fresher Smell Mint-infused scented insert included in every bottle to maintain a fresh smell.

Vegetarian Softgel

Eliminates the risk of animal derived contaminants, appealing to the conscientious consumer. A vegetarian softgel is far more sustainable, reducing the product’s carbon and water use footprint.

B Vitamins

Sourced from bioactive forms, which are better absorbed Since they are body-ready, they don’t require complex conversions or mega dosing.

Omega – DHA

Sourced from a wild, NONGMO algae strain, a vegan source which means greater purity. Our DHA is also free of metals, dioxins & pesticide residue and is easier to digest.

Why mighty miniTM?

 The bioavailability of each ingredient is what sets mighty mini apart from standard prenatal vitamins. Oftentimes, sources of vitamins and minerals are not in a form which the body can easily digest, and then the digestive system has to perform complex conversions before the nutrient is available for nutritional purposes. Therefore, we ensure that mighty mini contains the most advanced and bioactive forms of essential nutrients and minerals. We source these natural ingredients and bring them to you in their wholesome, purified state, just the way nature intended.

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