Molluscum Description

Molluscum Description

Molluscum Description

Molluscum Description: Molluscum Contagiosum is a viral inflammation that comes from a kind of poxvirus. It usually shows up as bumps on the skin which are 2-5 millimeters in size. Generally, it does not affect the health of those afflicted, and it heals on its own. However, it can take from six months to as long as four years for the Molluscum to fully heal.

What is Molluscum?

Molluscum growths are small white or pinkish bumps on the skin, which have a small indentation in the center. They are smooth and hard and can become itchy, red, and swollen. The bumps can be found on almost every part of the body but rarely on the palms or soles of the feet.

The virus spreads from one person to another through direct contact. Sometimes a person can also catch the virus that has attached itself to an object such as a hand or toy. Someone afflicted with Molloscum can further infect himself when scratching another part of the body. It is not certain if a closed pimple can spread the disease.

Children from one to ten years of age are most affected by Molluscum, but this can happen at any age. People with a weakened immune system, people with eczema, and those living in warm, humid climates are also more prone. There is evidence here that the number of sufferers of Molloscum has risen since 1966, but the disease has been studied very little as it has no serious health effects.

What Is Molluscum Symptoms

Molluscum is easy to recognize. The growths are usually white or pink and protrude from the skin. The indentation in the middle clearly shows that it is indeed the disease. Often there are no additional symptoms, but it may become more reddish, painful, or itchy. Interestingly, when it begins to heal, it can itch more than before.

Molluscum Treatment

 The truth is that Molloscum does not need to be treated. It does not harm health and does not have long term effects. Nevertheless, it can be disruptive, physically when it itches or is painful, or visibly, when it is very noticeable. In that case, yes, it should be treated.

The good thing to do is to strengthen the immune system to fight the virus. Immune Defense, which was designed for this, also has antiviral components that can help against the pox virus. It comes in capsule form, so for children, it would be necessary to mix it in food. Derma-D can also be helpful when Molloscum comes together with eczema or another skin problem. The scratching can spread the pimples and make it harder to heal.

What else

 There are several medical methods to treat Molluscum, but none of them is free from negative aspects. Removing the pimples, taking medicine or creams can help, but not enough, not fast enough, and may leave scars.

The best way to solve this problem, and to avoid it in advance, is to pay attention to cleanliness. The virus lives only on the skin, so it is important to wash your hands with soap. Also, one should not scratch the pimples, as this can spread the virus to other parts of the body and to other people. When you know that there are open pimples on the body and you will come into close contact with others, you should cover them with a bandage. However, the bandages should be removed later to allow the skin to breathe. When swimming, be careful not to share towels and toys. Even after the Molloscum infection is fully recovered, a person can be contaminated again if further exposed.

Interesting Facts

Molluscum Description

  • The skin is the largest organ of the body!
  • 15% of a person’s weight comes from the skin!

Molluscum Description

  • The skin on the soles of the legs is the thickest of the entire body!
  • Melanin gives skin its various colors.

Molluscum Description

  • Every minute the skin sheds 30,000 dead cells!

Molluscum Description

  • The eyes are covered in a layer of transparent skin.


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