Mouth Thrush Symptoms

Mouth Thrush Symptoms


Mouth Thrush Symptoms Treatment

“So, how’s the new baby doing?” ”

Ah, thank G-d! I haven’t seen such a sweet thing in a long time. And he is quite well-behaved, but now he got thrush … ”

“Oh dear, thrush? Do you know what you can do? …”

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What is Mouth Thrush?

In previous articles we talked about various beneficial bacteria that live in the body and are part of the human health. For all of a person’s systems to work properly, there must be a balance of the bacterial population, so they constantly strengthen one another. If one type becomes too powerful, it can attack another, which then becomes more powerful so it can fight back. Thus, they maintain a balance and the person stays healthy. If one kind of organism becomes too strong and completely takes over another, the body suffers from an inflammation. (One case we have already talked about is a UTI).

One of the organisms in the body is called Candida. Candida is a type of yeast. So long as the right amount of Candida is found in the body, everything is fine. Certain peaceful bacteria swallow enough of the yeast to allow normal functions. When something prevents the bacterium from doing their job, or causes strong increase of Candida, a Candida inflammation can develop. This is called Candidiasis.

Candida is found in several places in the body. The mouth is one of them. The organism behaves similarly to the yeast we use in baking. It grows quickly in a warm, humid place. Because the mouth is such a place, Candida flourishes there continuously, and the minute the other bacteria are weakened the condition is ripe for Candidiasis. When it occurs in the mouth, called Thrush.

Thrush is mostly found in small babies, under two months old. It can also happen to older people or those who have an impaired immune system for any reason. Diabetics are also susceptible to this. At times, when antibiotics are taken to treat another type of inflammation, it also destroys the peaceful bacteria and the Candida has room to grow. (This can happen in other areas of the body, especially by women, but it can occur by ben as well.) Thrush looks like a thick white cream on the tongue and the insides of the cheeks. It can also be on the gums and in the throat. It can itch quite a lot and make eating painful. When a nursing child is infected, it is likely that it will pass on to the mother as well. If this happens it is important to deal with both at once, or it will simply go back-and-forth from one to the other and become difficult to get rid of.

What Is Mouth Thrush Symptoms

In each person, the symptoms can develop elsewhere. When a person is in good health, there is almost never a serious problem (it can become serious when the throat becomes inflamed as well).

Thrush is usually in the mouth. In the case of a nursing child, it will go from the baby’s mouth to the mother.

Thrush appears as a thick white coating on the tongue, gums, and innermost part of the cheeks and lips. Sometimes it looks like cottage cheese. If you can scrape it off easily, it is probably not Thrush but just food leftovers. When it is thrush it will not scrape off and may get bloody.

Redness and pain that may be enough to make eating and swallowing difficult.

A feeling of cotton in the mouth.

Inability to taste food.


What you could do

 Candidiasis is one of the things that are so much easier to prevent than to cure. Before we wind up with an outbreak, it is important to keep your mouth clean. Brush your teeth twice a day and go to the dentist every six months. If you have false teeth or other dental appliances, make sure to clean them according to the instructions you received.

Try to rinse your mouth with a cup of warm water with half a tablespoon of salt. It is not good to use regular mouthwash because it changes the PH balance in the mouth and affects the organisms that live in the mouth.

It is also advisable to eat fewer sugary things as yeast thrives on sugar.

Avoid all kinds of alcoholic beverages!

 It is critically important that every time you start taking antibiotics it should be accompanied by a regimen of Acidophilus. It should be taken two hours before or after each dose of medicine. This can prevent Candidiasis. If you’ve forgotten, start as soon as you can to restore the balance as soon as possible.

If Thrush develops in an older child or an adult and there is no knowledge of the cause may be, a doctor should be contacted immediately. An outbreak of thrush may indicate other illnesses.

What else

A major boost in the fight against thrush is the supplement CandAid. The ingredients in CandAid are specially formulated to remove extra yeast from the body and restore the balance of all beneficial bacteria. CandAid contains Caprylic Acid, grapefruit seed extract, oregano powder, and onion powder. Together, they are a strong front against thrush and help prevent it in the future. It should be taken three times a day to get complete results.

It is also advisable to take probiotics, specifically Biodophilus. It comes in strengths of 10-100 billion units as well as in children’s doses, called Kidophilus, for when a child is infected. This helps restore and enhance the beneficial bacteria.

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Interesting Facts

Mouth Thrush Symptoms

  • A nursing mother needs to consume an additional 500 calories every day!
  • A child who nurses is more protected against infections. This holds true even as the child gets older!

Mouth Thrush Symptoms

  • Nursing saves an average of $2000 – $4000 a year when compared to bottle feeding!

Mouth Thrush Symptoms

  • Nursing lowers the chances of getting cavities in the teeth later in life!

Mouth Thrush Symptoms

  • The mother’s milk becomes warmer or colder according to the child’s temperature!


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