Natural Home Remedies For Ear Infection


Natural Home Remedies For Ear Infection

Natural Home Remedies For Ear Infection

This past winter I was asked by my child’s doctor if I would like to rent a private room from them. I was there several times a week, every time with another child. By the end of the winter, the pharmacist no longer asked for my children’s birthday information – he knew it by heart. I couldn’t find a solution to the cold weather issues.

One of the medical issues common to younger children, especially in the winter, is an ear infection.

What is An Ear Infection?

An ear infection in the middle ear comes on suddenly and is extremely painful. Every time there is an illness in the upper respiratory tract, such as a cold, it can cause the ear to become full of fluid which can become infected. The fluids can also be the result of a standalone inflammation. The fluids accumulate behind the eardrum, and that is the cause of the pain. Ear infection symptoms in adults are similar to those by children, though the pain may not be as acute.

The ears and throat are connected through the Eustachian Tubes. These tubes regulate the pressure of air and fluid in the ears. When a person contracts a cold or has an allergic reaction, the tubes become swollen and fluid becomes trapped in the ears. Bacteria and germs multiply much faster in a damp place which is why an ear inflammation often accompanies a second illness. If too much fluids build up behind the eardrum, it can even rupture. When this happens, the fluids leak out, the pressure in the ear decreases, and the pain decreases. If this does not repeat often, then it does not leave a lasting Impact and the ear heals on its own within a few weeks. But when a child suffers often from ear infections and the eardrum ruptures several times, it can impact hearing permanently. When the eardrum ruptures, a yellowish or brown fluid will be observed coming out of the ear.

To diagnose an ear inflammation, the doctor will look into the ears with an otoscope. This is a device with a magnifying glass and a small light source that the doctor can insert into the ears. A healthy eardrum is pink / gray and when it becomes infected it turns a darker red. At times, the doctor will blow some air into the ear. When inflamed, the eardrum will not vibrate as much as in a healthy ear.

What Is Ear Infection Symptoms

In smaller children, the Eustachian tubes go straight from the ear to the throat and it is very easy for germs to move from one to the other. As a person grows, these pipes become more elongated and become more slanted. That is the reason why ear infections are much more common by children than by adults, though they are possible at any age. When you experience the pain on your own bones you understand why smaller children cry so much.

A child who is unable to express what pains him will pull his ears, sleep restlessly, and will refuse to nurse or take a bottle because swallowing increases the pressure in his ears, causing the pain to become much worse. Other symptoms include:

  • Fluid coming out of the ears, which could be yellow, brown, white, or bloody
  • Fever, even up to 104 degrees
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dizziness or a loss of balance

Loss of or decreased hearing

Natural Home Remedies For Ear Infection

The doctor will prescribe medication, but Grandma strongly objects! What is the best Natural Home Remedies For Ear Infection? Not every ear inflammation must be treated. Sometimes it goes away on its own after a few days. However, it can also cause other complications, such as an inner ear inflammation, damage to the eardrum, loss of hearing, Meningitis, delayed speech in children or facial paralysis. Therefore, it is important to know what the choices are.

There are several natural methods for curing an ear inflammation. The best thing is to prevent it as much as possible by washing hands, covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing, etc. For treatment, warm olive oil (not hot) dripped into the ear can alleviate the pain. Garlic in some forms may also be helpful. Placing a warm compress on the ear can also help with the pain.

If the doctor prescribed antibiotics, ask how long you can try natural remedies before starting the antibiotics.

What else

 The famous EarRelief Herbal Oil is available. It is based on Extra Virgin olive oil with an addition of several herbs that are known to cure ear infections. It reduces the pain and cures inflammation caused by bacteria and viruses. It can be used by both children and adults and starts to work immediately to bring relief.


Interesting Facts

Natural Home Remedies For Ear Infection

  • Hearing damage can happen even from being exposed to a very loud noise just once!
  • The ears hear even during sleep, but the brain tunes out the noises!

Natural Home Remedies For Ear Infection

  • Earrings have been worn by women since ancient times!
  • Sound travels at about 770 miles per hour!

Natural Home Remedies For Ear Infection

  • Ears are not just for hearing. They also help us keep our balance.

Natural Home Remedies For Ear Infection

  • The innermost part of the ear is surrounded by the hardest bone in the body!


What is the Best CBD Oil for Ear Infection

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