Natural Parasite Treatment

Natural Parasite Treatment

Natural Parasite Treatment

Lets give a deep look what is the Best Natural Parasite Treatment Vitamin our pick is ParaGuard from Zahlers in the article will go through the pros and cons.

Is it really important to wash your hands if they seem clean? Is hygiene truly so important, or is some of it simply hype?

Tiny organisms, invisible to the naked eye, are present everywhere. Belying their tiny size, those microorganisms can cause problems quite large.


Pinworms, a kind of parasite, are tiny worms that infect the intestines, often in children. They come into the body when a child touches something that has a pinworm egg on it and the child puts his hand into his mouth. The eggs go through the digestive tract and develop into worms in the small intestine. When the worms mature, they move into the large intestine. After several weeks, they move lower down in the intestine and they come out of the body through the anus, usually at night, and lay more eggs. This process takes 4-6 weeks.

Pinworms spread easily from one child to another. Children often get exposed to them in school or on the playground.


Common symptoms of parasitic infections include itching, diarrhea or constipation, gas, bloating, nausea and fatigue. However, not all people suffering from parasites have symptoms. When a child wakes up at night and nothing seems to be wrong, it may be an indication of pinworms.


The best way to prevent worms is through hand washing with warm water and soap after using the bathroom, before eating, and after playing outside. It is important to keep the nails short, avoid biting the nails, and not to scratch oneself. Pinworm eggs can live on clothes, and it is therefore imperative to change clothes every day and to wash nightclothes and bedding every few days.

Sugar is known to be causative of pinworms, especially highly processed candies. Eat more fruits and vegetables and increase your fiber intake to promote better defecation and the possibility of worm elimination. Probiotics, which are “good” bacteria that live in the intestines, can retard the proliferation of parasites in the intestines. Therefore, taking probiotics such as Zahler Biodophilus or Kidophilus can be very helpful as well.



Its active ingredients include oregano oil, peppermint oil, garlic bulb, wormwood herb, pumpkin seed and other herbs long known to be effective.

Wormwood Herb,Pumpkin Seed,Garlic Bulb,Walnut Hull,Clove Bud and Fennel Seed.

There are other types of parasites that can enter the body which cause unexplained headaches or fatigue. ParaGuard has been a potent healer for people experiencing fatigue and headaches with no apparent reason for these symptoms.

Additionally, ParaGuard is also commonly used as a cleanser and detoxifier, taken once or twice yearly to support balanced intestinal flora and a healthy digestive system.

Since parasites are highly contagious, some families find it helpful to give ParaGuard to all family members at the same time.

However, it is important to note that the dosage and duration of taking ParaGuard depends on the reason one is taking it in the first place. Taken as a periodic body cleanse would have different usage directions than treating an ongoing parasitic infection.


 Healthful and Helpful:

 Because parasites have become such a major issue, Advanced Nutrition by Zahler went on to create a solution, PARAGUARD, which is available in both liquid and softgel format. ParaGuard contains many herbs which are effective in treating all sorts of parasites, especially pinworms.

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