Supplements For Bone Strength

Supplements For Bone Strength

Supplements For Bone Strength

“Drink your milk!” Remember that important directive? As children, we are often exhorted to ‘drink up’ and eat calcium- rich foods to promote and ensure bone health. The truth is that this is important for adults too. The reason we encourage children to be mindful of calcium intake and supplement when necessary is because peak bone mass occurs at age 20 and then levels off. Adequate calcium and calcium absorption are imperative for bone health. 

After age 30, most people gradually begin to lose bone strength and density. As a person ages, it is critical to supplement with calcium and bone-building elements. Here is the best Supplements For Bone Strength BoneFactor is a nutritional blend of advanced calcium, strontium, magnesium, vitamin K2 and other elemental nutrients. This combination has been formulated expressly to help maintain bone health and to preserve bone mass and density. Those seeking to strengthen their teeth and prevent cavities can also greatly benefit from BoneFactor


A body is more than just a sack of random bones and muscles. Each bone cell is created to serve a specific purpose and help a person achieve his life’s goals. By imbibing proper nutrition and supplementing as necessary, your bones can stay healthy and strong well into the golden years. BoneFactor, the elemental bone strength formula from Advanced Nutrition by Zahler, is formulated to help you attain strength, retain density, and maintain an active life.



The calcium in BoneFactor is sourced from Aquamin, which is a unique, multi-mineral marine complex that contains bioactive calcium, magnesium, and 72 trace minerals. Aquamin is produced from Lithothamnion, a rare red seaweed found in the North Atlantic Ocean, and it can help build stronger bones, improve bone density and prevent bone loss. It can also help reduce inflammation common with arthritis and improve overall joint health. 

In order for calcium to be absorbed by the body it must be taken with vitamin D, vitamin K2, and magnesium. The careful balance in BoneFactor is designed to achieve maximum absorption by using additional nutritional ingredients to help boost the performance of calcium. BoneFactor is a synergistic formula, meaning that each ingredient and element in the supplement is included to boost the efficacy of every other ingredient. The balance of vitamins and minerals in BoneFactor is the secret to its success.

Is BoneFactor right for me? 

 BoneFactor is not just for the elderly or people at risk for osteopathic problems. It is recommended that every person past age 20 supplement with a bioactive form of calcium and the other nutrients necessary for its absorption. Still, BoneFactor becomes more important as a person ages. People suffering from osteoarthritis or osteoporosis can derive particular benefit from this supplement. BoneFactor is also an important supplement when a person experiences a broken or fractured bone or undergoes surgery involving the skeletal system. If a child, teen or adult is prone to broken bones, they should be sure to take BoneFactor regularly in the hope of avoiding such a situation or, at the very least, to speed up the recovery process. 

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