What Is Sleep Apnea Symptoms

What Is Sleep Apnea Symptoms

A healthy diet and daily exercise are the 2 fundamentals for a healthy life, what is the 3rd? Sleep! A human body needs enough and a good night sleep In order the immune system should function the right way, while a person is sleeping  it will strength the cells of every part of the body, Sleep Apnea is a disorder where the person will stop breathing a few seconds while sleeping, it could happen a few times a night and sometimes even every few minutes, and could sometimes be dangers.


What is Sleep Apnea?

While a person sleeps his breath will be the same as in middle of the day but in a slower rate, and with sleep apnea it will stop for a few seconds.


There are 2 types of sleep apnea, Obstructive sleep apnea is when your breath got tight because of the throat getting narrower, and in central sleep apnea there is a change in your breath, obstructive sleep apnea is more common, when someone suffers from sleep apnea will his daily functions and his health be in danger, sleep apnea is more common by men then woman and %25 of adults have the risk to develop sleep apnea, the risks are higher if your overweight, or you have a small mouth or throat, older people and people with big tonsils also have a bigger % to suffer from it.


The muscles in the throat controls the speech, swallow, and breath from a person and when you sleep you use your muscles much less and that causes that the throat should get smaller narrower, by most of the people its not a problem at all, but by other it will cause snoring and a full stop of breath when the throat is fully tighten, in most of the cases the person will wake right away to breath, when he got up he will take a strong and deep breath, because when you’re not breathing normally will the number of your oxygen lower and the carbon monoxide number will go up, sometimes the person will wake up with a feeling that he is choking, the whole game of waking and breathing will take just a few seconds therefore most of the people will not know how series his condition is.

Those who suffer from sleep apnea will be sleepy by day and will not be able to concentrate normally, this might higher the risk of being involved in a car accident, and doing more mistakes through out the day, sleep apnea could also higher the risk of heart problems, high blood pressure, and stroke.


To diagnose sleep apnea the doctor will look on the overall health and medical record, he will also look at the size of the throat and if the airways are small and the tongue is big, as discussed the person himself will not know anything and he cant hear if he is snoring at night so the doctor will ask a family member if the person snores or wakes to get a breath, often the doctor will send to a sleep clinic where they will monitor the quality of sleep, test the breath rate, heart, and how long every phase of sleep is, also they will look on how the person lay’s when he sleep because this might have an effect on the situation.

What Is Sleep Apnea Symptoms

The main symptoms from sleep apnea is Snoring, restless and being sleepy through out the day, but you might suffer from sleep apnea even you don’t have those symptoms, and if your sleeping alone is even more hard to know if you have because you could not hear if you snore, and restless and sleepy could mean so many things so its very hard to relate it to sleep apnea.

You could also have the following symptoms.

  • Uncomfortable sleep
  • Wake up in middle of the night and feeling like your choking
  • Wake up with a headache, a dry mouth, or throat pain.
  • Wake up often to go in bathroom
  • Not feeling rest in the morning
  • Can’t concentrate during the day


What you could do


The goal of treating sleep apnea is to help you breath normally during your night sleep and this will stop all the symptoms and minimize long term health problems! Magnesium Citrate could help you for sleep apnea because it helps to control you muscles and could help your throat muscle not to narrow during your night sleep, also its recommended to take B-Complex it could help your brain to produce the hormones for a good and relaxed sleep.

Read more about B- Complex

What else

There are a few methods to treat sleep apnea that is being used based on the patients.

Weight loss is the number one important thing and it could sometimes help prevent any further treatment, but you need to watch not to gain back pounds it could bring back sleep apnea, also you should hold back on alcohol and other medications that makes you sleepy.


CPAP – Continues positive airway pressure this is a machine that will help your airways be open you will need to sleep with a mask that keeps on giving oxygen in your nose.


Also there are special molds that you could get from your dental office that will help keep your mouth in the right position that will keep open your airways during the night.


When someone suffers from sleep apnea you should tell for every doctor you visit because it could be a problem with anesthesia and certain medications.


Interesting Facts


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  1. By reading this article I have realized that I may be a victim of sleep apnea because by reading through the all article I have came across some of the symptoms I experience while sleeping for example snoring, waking up I the night to breath, sometimes waking up with a headache and not concentrating during day so am gonna start up treatment soon thanks for this article because you have saved many keep sharing 

  2. I had a good read on your article. My husband and daughter suffer with sleep apnea. Before we found a solution for their sleep apnea.

     It was a pain in the butt for them. They couldn’t stop tossing and turning. Until we started looking more into it. Your article could save alot of people and parents time. Also helping them find a solution.

    Good work, can’t wait to read more!

  3. Although I have no personal experience with this issue, I do have two nephews who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and both are using CPAP machines.  The oldest is 28 and has been using a CPAP for about 3 years.  His brother is just starting his 20’s.  

    Both have been very overweight for many years however, the oldest has finally figured it out and has been following a strict diet and exercise plan and has lost over a hundred pounds so far.  🙂  I will have to ask him if his sleep apnea is getting any better because of the weight loss.  I do know that he is feeling better physically.

    The younger is (I think) in denial.  He still eats what he wants and, I believe is also at risk for diabetes if he doesn’t get things together and start his own diet and exercise program.

    Is there anything that one could say that might open the eyes of someone like this without hurting their feelings?  Maybe that’s what it WOULD take.  I mean, some things just need to be said, don’t you think?

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post.  There is some valuable info here that I will try to pass on, hopefully in a compassionate way.


    • Thank You Wayne!

      100 pounds is a number! wow! Going on diet is very hard (I WENT IT THROUGH ALREADY…) so its easier to be in denial.. pushing him will not help to much.. just talk positive about the whole diet concept but not directly and hopefully it will be a question of time and he will start to do the right thing. Good Luck


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